Why Is My Computer Slow All Of A Sudden?

When you are using your computer, you may notice that it is slow all of a sudden. You do not have to worry about it because it will be back to normal after a few minutes. If you want to make sure that your computer is still working properly after you have run diagnostics, then you have come to the right place.


If a computer slows and freezes up, the problem may be caused by the registry. It is a very important part of your system. When your computer runs, the registry must also work well so that the computer can be accessed easily. If there are errors in the registry, it will cause your computer to be very slow. If you notice that your computer is running slow, you have to clean and repair the errors in the registry.

computer is slow

To clean the registry, you need to download cleaner software. You have to search the internet to find a good cleaner. Choose a good registry cleaner that is compatible with your Windows version. It is important that you back up the registry file so that if you have a problem with the computer after cleaning the registry, you can restore the file.


Another reason may be a virus on your computer. If you are infected by a virus, you have to clean the computer immediately before it becomes useless. This is one of the ways to solve the problem.

Hardware Problems

Another possible reason why your computer is slow all of a sudden is that the hardware is not working properly. Some computer parts need to be repaired. The problem could be in the CPU, the memory, the video card or in the hard disk. Before you call a computer repair technician, you can try to troubleshoot the problems yourself. If you have a screwdriver, a knife and paper, you will be able to troubleshoot your computer problems.

You might be able to find the cause if you have already tried some simple solutions. Try to open your computer’s BIOS. If there is something wrong with the BIOS, you need to fix it. If you still have no success in finding the cause of the computer being slow all of a sudden, you can take it to a computer technician.

Professional Help

If you are still not able to solve the problem you can also take your computer to a technician who can fix your computer for you. This is a faster way but it might cost you more money. You will have to pay for the services of a technician and it might also take days for your computer to be fixed. However, what you get when you have your computer fixed by a professional technician is peace of mind. This means that it will be fixed as soon as possible and you do not have to worry about it anymore.

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